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Five Tips to Avoid Spam Filters and Get Your Emails Read

June 20, 2015 – 7:00 am

What good is email if you cannot avoid spam filters?

According to a recent web marketing survey, 72% of U.S. adults say that email is the preferred medium for companies to communicate with them. But your communications are only effective if they are delivered. Here are seven tips to ensure that your emails don’t end up in spam filters but actually help avoid spam filters all together.

1. Avoid words which may trigger spam filters

While there are no hard rules for what will trigger filtering, certain words should be left out of subject lines in order to avoid spam filters. Some of the biggest triggers include:

  • wealth
  • winning
  • sales
  • trading
  • profit
  • income
  • investment
  • cheap
  • discount

While your particular usage of these words may be completely above board, you may want to consider rewording your communications slightly if one of these words are in your subject line.

2. Use a trusted Email Hosting Provider

The quality of your email service provider can influence where your emails end up, because spam filters evaluate not only your emails, but also the company they keep. Make sure to use a credible email hosting provider like GetSync’d to avoid “guilt-by-association”.

3. Ask to be added to the address book

The best way to guarantee deliverability is to request white-listing. In your first communication with a new customer, ask to be added to their address book. This one step of requesting to be white-listed can make a significant difference to your deliverability.

4. Use standard font size

Unusually sized fonts can result in filtering, because spammers often include literal small print in tiny font sizes. They may also use huge fonts to draw attention to a specific offer. Instead, keep font size at 10 to 12 points.

5. Send clean email

Avoid formatting problems which can lead to deliverability issues. Don’t overdo bolding or underlining, blank lines, or repetitive keywords. You should also watch the image-to-text ratio. Too little text and too many images can result in your email being stopped.

Your customers want and expect to receive communication via email. Email failing to reach the inbox can damage valuable customer relationships. Follow the best practices for email communication and you will greatly improve your deliverability.

Kerio Connect Hosting provides both inbound and outbound enterprise level spam filtering with GetSecure. GetSecure email protection is included at no charge with every GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect mailbox.

Finding An Office 365 Alternative for Business Communication

June 15, 2015 – 6:00 am

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Office 365 fail in business communications…

You encounter Microsoft Office in many locations, from schools to businesses. In the last few years, Microsoft Office transformed its software suite into a cloud-based business tool called Office 365. As part of Office 365, Microsoft offers hosted Exchange servers for cloud-based, hosted email, as well as several business communication tools. While you may be tempted to pick up Office 365 for business communications based on brand familiarity, it has a few significant downsides to keep in mind.

Limited Platforms

Office 365, being a Microsoft product, doesn’t stray far from the tree when it comes to supported platforms. While Office 365 is supported on Firefox and Chrome, it recommends Internet Explorer as its access browser of choice. Additionally, using non-Outlook email clients to work with its hosted email may lead to some difficulties, especially if your email clients don’t support Exchange ActiveSync. In contrast, an Office 365 alternative service such as GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect provides more platform flexibility. Instead of forcing your infrastructure to work around limited platforms, you can fit a Kerio Connect hosted email solution into your existing set up.

Reliability Issues

Microsoft encountered a rocky road with its cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, which suffered from 54 hours of downtime in 2014. How long can your business handle not having essential business tools, such as email and instant messaging? Most companies strive for as close to 99.99% uptime as possible when making product selections, and choosing reliable services helps you avoid major business disruptions.

Skype Based Instant Messaging

Office 365 offers business instant messaging through Skype for Business, also known as Skype with Lync. While Skype has some business-friendly features, it was not created with business use from the ground up. GetSync’d Kerio Connect’s instant messaging feature provides an integrated private IM server that makes it easy to quickly contact users in the organization without requiring a separate software launch or sign-up, as well as supporting features such as file and video conferencing. Utilizing the Global Address List allows automatic list population with every user in the organization.

Examine an Office 365 alternative when choosing business communication tools. Without clear communication, your business suffers from productivity loss, problems following up with leads and missed project deadlines.

Read more about the GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect Office 365 alternative or call us at (844) 438-7962.


Why Gmail Isn’t the Automatic Answer for Business Email Solutions

June 8, 2015 – 3:31 pm

You’re in the market for a new business email solution for your organization. You’re rapidly outpacing your on-site email infrastructure, so you’re looking for a hosted solution. The first thing that comes to mind is Gmail, because you use it for your personal emails and you use Google services in many areas of your tech life. However, Gmail isn’t the automatic answer for business email solutions, as hosted email solutions built with business in mind may be better in the long run.

Gmail’s Drawbacks

Google’s business app package, Google Apps for Work, originally included advertising and data mining of Gmail information, similar to what it does with non-paid Gmail versions. While Google recently removed this from Google Apps for Work Gmail, the potential concern over your data may be a major factor in deciding between hosted email services. Integrating non-Google services is a possibility if the service is set up on the Google Apps for Work app marketplace, but that’s a very vendor-dependent process.

Another drawback with Gmail in business use is the lack of folders. Gmail offers tags, and Google’s latest email product Inbox by Google revamps the interface, but still doesn’t provide traditional folder functionality. Gmail is known for good spam filtering, but you don’t get a lot of control over your spam solutions.

GetSync’d for Business Email Solutions

GetSync’d offers hosted business email solutions with a number of supporting services, built specifically with business use in mind. Kerio Connect, the hosted email product, works well across multiple platforms, as well as on web-based access. It’s designed to bring in data from multiple applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, AirMail and other IMAP and POP compliant email clients.

Kerio Connect also provides organizations with multiple folder styles. The service offers standard folders, shared folders and public folders to keep emails and files in the right place, with the right user access. Custom filters sort emails as they hit your inbox so they automatically go to the correct folder.

For spam and security solutions, GetSync’d has GetSecure. This utilizes two anti-virus applications, Kaspersky and ClamAV. You have access to quarantined emails and files, and the software generates reports so users can look over any emails and files caught in the filter.

Gmail might sound like your company’s go-to option, especially if you already use it for your personal email. But your company needs business-centric feature sets, especially when it comes to organization and configuration control. When you make your hosted email selection, look at the overall benefits compared to name recognition.