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Intrusion Detection Software: Be Proactive; Protect Your Business

October 5, 2015 – 11:07 am

GetSync'd Kerio Cloud Distributor

There are some optional tools for small to medium businesses and then there are some tools that are absolute musts. Intrusion detection software (IDS) is important, probably more important than ever. Nowadays more people than ever rely on cloud-based tools and storage for their important documents and data and while it’s easy and convenient to make data accessible the right safeguards being put in place is how you’ll make sure it’s only being accessed by the people you want to have access.  There are a lot of things going on within your network and if you’re not being proactive about security and intrusion prevention, it could be very costly.

Putting in Smart Safeguards to Protect Data and Productivity

Do your employees have the right safeguards in place when they access information? Think about the fact that data is accessed via a variety of mobile tools (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) and from a variety of mobile places, like hot spots, home Wi-fi networks, and other unsecure networks and consider how vulnerable that can make your network. We’re continually bombarded with messages and spam in our inboxes and on websites we visit and some of it has hidden programs trying to harvest information about you. Secure passwords, solid tools, smart IT policies (that you actually enforce) and helpful reporting can all help you combat intruders who could access your business data as well as use it against you.

What IDS Software Can Do

Intrusion detection software can monitor activities on your network / in your cloud and information gathered can help prevent attacks and security breaches as well as company policy violations. Furthermore, a good tool can also provide you with detailed reporting that can help you with a variety of things above and beyond intrusion prevention. Productivity, content filtering, and other features and associated data can also be helpful in keeping things running smoothly for your business. Whether you want to set policies and forget them or want to be able to, with a few mouse clicks or screen taps, check on things in your network, the right intrusion detection and threat management tool can help immensely.

Kerio Control: Intrusion Detection and More

Kerio Control offers safety and productivity with control of a variety of areas, including intrusion detection, content filtering, reporting, load balancing, bandwidth management, user authentication, and more. This is an all-in-one security solution that offers remote management capabilities, too. It won’t hamper your mobile productivity, either.

If you aren’t using the right tools to protect your business and your data you run the risk of lost productivity, security issues (that could even get you in trouble, depending on your niche) with customer data, and down time.

Talk to us at GetSync’d (a premier Kerio distributer with an excellent reputation for product knowledge and stellar support) about your questions regarding Kerio Control. We sell Kerio Control licenses, control boxes and software maintenance renewals, too. Kerio Control is easy to deploy, is highly accurate, and easy to use. It’s also an excellent investment in security and productivity for your company that you can feel good about.



What is Spam Doing to Your Productivity?

September 25, 2015 – 1:10 pm

GetSecure Spam and virus protection

Forbes reported (via Symantec) this past summer that spam is finally below 50% of email for the first time in well over a decade.  While the advent of spam filters and inbox productivity features have made it easier to avoid spam, it could still be hampering your productivity and that could be costing you.

How Many Spam Messages do you Get via Email Per Day?

Spam still finds its way through in many cases. Back in 2008 PC World reported that spam cost about $712 USD per year per employee if 16 seconds each work day are spent dealing with the average of 21 daily spam messages.

Even though we’re not getting inundated as much as we once were, many of us still spend far too much time on spam. Whether you’re having to read / skim it at your desk, on your smartphone, or it’s simply taking time to sift out when you do periodic clean-up of your inbox folders, it’s costing productivity and that equates to lost time that could be spent generating profits.

Spam Can be Dangerous, Too

In addition to taking time from you and your team members, spam is often dangerous. Links can lead to viruses, could be phishing attempts, and can result in malware or adware being installed on your systems, too. If nothing else, spam slows you down and you don’t have time for it!

Defining Spam

Spam is a catch-all phrase that simply means “junk mail” to most. It can be anything from unsolicited mail to a mailing list that you previously opted into but now find that you no longer want the messages (you’re not interested, there are too many, etc.) and it can mean malicious emails, too.

Opting out and / or marking unwanted messages as spam as well as setting up filters can all equate to a vast improvement in productivity. You might want newsletters and notifications from certain sites / companies but you might not want them to clog your inbox. You might also find that far too many messages that really are spam are getting through as if they are not.

Once you set up filters and  folders and then opt out of unwanted mailing lists you might also want to ensure you’re using a reliable and robust spam management tool that helps with email security.  Kerio Connect hosted email from GetSync’d includes GetSecure to help you with over 99.9% spam blocked.  User-level quarantine and reporting features can help you not only save time and productivity but can help you pinpoint the source of spam problems, too. Check out reviews of our anti spam tools and email productivity tools.

And if you want to take your anti-spam efforts even further, Kerio Control can also help you via an all-in-one threat control solution to stop hackers, viruses, filter your content, and more.


Ways to Optimize Mobile Computing Productivity

September 19, 2015 – 11:04 am

GetSync'd Hosted Kerio Connect

Mobile computing has changed the way we work. It makes it possible to work very productively from home, to work while you are on the go (instead of trying to catch up when you get back to your desk), and offers limitless possibilities when it comes to staying plugged in regardless of where you are. Whether you telecommute regularly, occasionally, and whether you work from home, on the train, or in coffee shops here are some ways to maximize your mobile computing productivity so that you can make the most of the highly mobile world we now work in. In business, if you’re not taking advantage of mobile productivity, you can be sure your competition will be.

Learn the Lay of the Land Beforehand

If traveling to a new place, find out about your location / hotel’s offerings for wi-fi. The same goes for local places, such as restaurants and coffee shops. A bit of research can help you maximize your productivity in a new place as well as minimize data costs. Knowing about connectivity of an area can also help you with scheduling for important calls, conferences, etc, so that you aren’t scrambling when you’re in a new location with clients or colleagues waiting on you.

Mobile Technology and Productivity Tools

Do the tools you use in your business have the right mobile capabilities? A bit of research before choosing a tool can go a long way and knowing what’s out there can also help you ensure that you’re not missing the boat with better tools that you could be using. The right tools, tools that work across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) whether you’re on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone make a difference, too.

Back Up & Sync

Make sure you have a solid back-up plan for working away from your usual workspace. We’re not just talking about back-up batteries, either. We’re talking making sure your data stays current so that you know you’re not only looking at the right information but so that you know that the people in other locations who have and need access to data will see your updates, too. Backing things up, leveraging an easily accessible cloud, and using tools that help you get and stay synched up with the office make a big difference to your mobile productivity.

Companies who are seeing an increase in mobility among their workforce should also consider standardizing on tools so that you know your data is securely handled at all times. In some lines of business, this isn’t just optional — it’s a requirement for regulatory compliance. Remember that your employees will use various platforms for accessing and updating and keep this in mind when you choose your technology tools. And remember support, too. A tool should be easy to use but be sure a support infrastructure exists for it, either within your organization or through a SaaS vendor so that you’ll have help when you need it, regardless of where you need that help from.

At GetSync’d, we cater to a mobile world with awesome cloud-based tools and support that’s there when you need it. GetSync’d Kerio Connect hosted email, GetSecure to help you protect your email data, keep control with Kerio Control, Kerio Operator for seamless communication, and for business compliant file sharing are all tools you should consider checking out as part of your efforts to maximize productivity and profitability for your business.