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Choosing a Secure Email Hosting Provider

August 17, 2015 – 9:44 am

Choosing a Secure Email Hosting Provider is no easy task. GetSync’d makes it simple.

GetSync'd Hosted Kerio Connect

Businesses rely on email. In fact, email platforms often form the base of communication, data storage, and workplace collaboration. All businesses should be sure to invest in a secure solution.

Secure email protects sensitive business information, customer data, and even your  proprietary information. Yet, choosing a secure email provider can be difficult. Many providers may be beyond your businesses financial means. Some don’t serve smaller businesses. On the other hand, inexpensive solutions often don’t offer the capability, security, or support your needs.

GetSync’d hosts Kerio Connect with business in mind. Its defining features include state-of-the-art security, intuitive administration, effective workflow collaboration, secure and scalable storage capabilities and strong technical support.

Data Security

Strong data security is the greatest benefit of a secure email platform. The GetSync’d GetSecure suite provides comprehensive security through powerful hosted Zix Encryption, secure file sharing and file storage, hosted spam and virus filtering, and constant system monitoring – ensuring that your client’s information and your business’s data are always safe.

Ease of Use

Ease of use and administration allow your team to learn the platform quickly. This ensures that you’ll understand the system, which allows you to take advantage of every feature. In simple terms, you’ll be able to get the most out of GetSync’d swiftly, easily, and effectively.

Collaboration and Productivity

Another significant benefit of GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect email is its ability to foster collaboration. Through Getsync’d, your startup has access to a common platform and workspace portal. This collaborative ability ensures your team can work together regardless of location or other constraints, which fosters better efficiency and improved productivity.


GetSecure email archiving offers comprehensive hosted email archiving functions. It allows your business to store an unlimited amount of archive email data in the cloud for up to a decade. The system guarantees secure data storage and easy accessibility for years, so important data won’t disappear if employees move on.


GetSync’d offers comprehensive technical support. With so many other issues demanding your time, you shouldn’t have to worry about troubleshooting your email platform. GetSync’d removes a significant amount of stress by assuming responsibility for system diagnostics, repairs and updates. By providing strong customer support, GetSync’d allows you to direct more of your time and energy toward your business.

Given that vital and sensitive data passes through email servers on a daily basis, startups should not settle for basic or free email services. In the interest of security, usability and productivity, it’s best to seriously invest in secure email solutions. GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect and the GetSecure security suite offers a powerful secure email system ideal for your business collaboration needs.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google App Alternatives

August 5, 2015 – 10:22 am

Hosted Kerio by GetSync'd

Are there Microsoft Office 365 and Google App Alternatives that work?

Traditional office productivity and email suites have met the basic requirements of small and medium sized businesses for years, but they still lack the ability to provide the breadth of features and capabilities required by today’s organizations. Although many newer, popular offerings have been migrated to the cloud, none offer the comprehensive range of features and support that GetSync’d provides. With GetSync’d, organizations of all sizes can enjoy advanced, enterprise-grade cloud technologies and communication platforms at an affordable price point.

Fully-Managed vs. DIY Offerings

Offerings like Microsoft Exchange Server require server hardware and dedicated staff to manage. Its cloud incarnation Office 365 offers some benefits of the cloud, but is still limited in service and support. Similarly, Google Apps and Gmail are competent offerings, but require organizations to assume control tasks like backing up and restoring data, providing IT security and other day-to-day administration duties. GetSync’d offers the same cloud-based redundancy and highly available infrastructure as leading SaaS providers, without leaving customers to manage these resources themselves.

Extended Benefits with GetSync’d

The GetSync’d solutions suite is comprised of powerful hosted email, hosted VOIP, hosted file sharing, and security platforms that come with added features, support and service not available in other cloud offerings. Kerio Connect hosting — a powerful business-class, hosted email solution– is a competent Microsoft exchange alternative as well as a Gmail alternative. Hosted Kerio Operator gives organizations a sophisticated, hosted VoIP-based phone system at an affordable cost. For enterprise-grade IT security without the associated price tag, Kerio Control unified threat management offers an effective and comprehensive firewall solution. GetSecure takes cloud email to the next level, offering Gmail and Office 365 alternatives with hosted email security features: ten year inbound and outbound email archiving, advanced email security with Zix Encryption, server side hosted spam and virus filtering, as well as hosted email archiving. And can supplant DropBox and Google Drive with extended features such as military-grade encryption technology, multi-OS/platform syncing, built-in HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX compliance, and more.

In short, GetSync’d allows small to medium businesses to focus on their core competencies, without being saddled by the high cost of supporting IT needs. Our offerings feature advanced capabilities not available in other cloud offerings from vendors such as Google and Microsoft — delivered in an affordable, managed suite of solutions.

Is it safe to use the cloud?

July 30, 2015 – 9:52 am

It is safe to use the cloud… Right?

GetSync’d is a revolutionary cloud based system that offers an Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Gmail alternative. Many people are well aware of the many benefits that the cloud can offer. For instance, with GetSync’d you can use it to connect with people expeditiously, as well as use it to cut costs from nearly every facet of your business. With the power of the cloud GetSync’d can provide outstanding support, managed backups, and increased productivity. Despite this, there are still many people who are wary of using GetSync’d because they wonder; is it safe to use the cloud?

The answer is yes. However, there is a caveat: nothing is ever one hundred percent safe, especially in the world of technology. Whether you are storing data on a hard drive that sits next to your computer or your system is backed up every day onto a server far away, your data will always be somewhat vulnerable. What secures your data is not where you choose to store it, but how you choose to safeguard it. Thankfully GetSync’d offers many ways to protect your information. It offers hosted anti-spam and anti-virus software, it even offers the powerful Kerio Control Firewall. But, the greatest tool in the GetSync’d safety arsenal is the hosted Zix Gateway encryption.


Many cloud-based systems safeguard their data using something called encryption. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly utilizing encryption to protect your data online. Whenever you purchase anything on the Internet or sign in to any subscription-based platform, you are using encryption.

Encryption works by creating a long string of seemingly random values that the average person would never be able to guess. These values are generated by an algorithm that is so complex, it takes substantial computing power and time to crack just one encrypted file. To give the user access to their data, a key (also known as a password) is made. In order to benefit from encryption, it is necessary to choose a strong key or password. Your data’s safety is ultimately most dependent on how strong you make your password.

What to Look For

It might be nice to dream of a world where data was never at risk. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Data security is not based on where you store your information but how you store it. It is necessary to thoroughly research any cloud computing option before entrusting it with your information. This is why GetSync’d is such a viable option for any business. It combines the protection you need with the productivity you want to ensure that you have the best cloud solution.