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GetSync’d Powers Secure Business Class File Sharing

February 27, 2015 – 12:48 pm HIPAA compliant DropBox alternative is a HIPAA compliant DropBox alternative powered by GetSync’d is a HIPAA compliant DropBox alternative powered by GetSync’d. A secure business class file sharing solution.

Companies who invest in tools we offer like Kerio Connect for better email productivity, Kerio Control for more control over security, Kerio Operator, for a business class VoIP in the cloud solution also get a lot out of file sync’ing and sharing tools. And many businesses are frustrated with the lack of capabilities of consumer tools and really don’t appreciate the security holes left when their employees use these types of tools. That’s why GetSync’d has started offering This is a secure business class file sharing solution.


Get the convenience of easily sharing files and keeping things sync’d up. Standardizing on one solution will mean you don’t have files being shared via Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other solution. You’ll have a standard solution with the right access, functionality, and controls in place.


Businesses need to retain control of their files. With a standardized business class solution you can rest assured that not only are all your team members using one tool but the tool has the right reporting, accountability, and control features in place to help you effectively manage confidential documents. This is especially important if you need to be HIPAA compliant, for example. You also want something very reliable and you can’t always get that with a free or consumer-focused file sync’ing and sharing tool. Our tool offers admin features, easy usability for admin and users, and it’s very reliable.


You want to know that files are accessible and that they’re sync’d. You want a tool that will work for you without fail. That’s why you need a business class file sharing and sync’ing tool like And if you’re already a customer of ours with Kerio Connect, Kerio Control, Kerio Operator, or other solutions we offer you’ll know that when you work with us you get access to not just great tools but to phenomenal support, should you need it.

How to get a free Trial

Interested in learning more info such as pricing or want to learn more about the features of Visit and you can get more info as well as sign up for a free trial of with no credit card required.

Major Brands Could be Hurting Your Business

February 7, 2015 – 6:59 pm

Benefit Your Business by Looking Past the Obvious Technology Brands

There are certain categories in technology that have become the de facto standard because of brand popularity and adoption of certain tools by large companies.  Just because it’s made by Microsoft, Apple, or Google doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your business.  By looking past tier 1 options for things like email, CRM tools, security software, phone systems, cloud-based storage and sync’ing tools, and other areas you can benefit your business in a variety of ways with respect to cost, real value, adaptability, and functionality.

  • Pricing:   Sometimes the best option out there for you is the most expensive.  Conversely, it may also be much less than you expect. Beyond looking at a price tag as the only factor, it’s important to also consider the many ways that a specific tool will impact your business. An ongoing subscription fee could be better than buying a boxed product that requires you to also invest in technology and storage as well as staff to manage it, for instance.
  • Value:   Beyond the familiarity with a brand name you’ve got to look at the value the tool will bring you. Look at features and benefits. Look at potential drawbacks. Look at how it will affect other tools that you and your people will use, and look at the reviews of the product to assess things like support and reliability.
  • Adaptability:   How easy or difficult will it be to transition to a new tool? Will massive amounts of training be needed? Will you have to carve out a multi-faceted deployment schedule?  Some technology tools are effective but complex to get going with. Others are practically plug and play.

Pick Business Tools that Boost Productivity

Continually looking at the tools you use in business and keeping in mind how the tool not only helps you succeed today but also how the tool can help you improve means that you take advantage of opportunities to streamline with technology, helping your team be more collaborative, uncovering opportunities for growth, and saving money and administrative headaches along the way.

At GetSync’d, we offer a variety of cloud-based tools to help your business. These tools are managed by us, saving you administrative hassles.

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Some Serious Reasons You Should Consider for Moving to Cloud Based Business Tools

January 28, 2015 – 6:03 pm


Hosted Kerio Connect

GetPaid with GetSync’d

Signing up for cloud-based software services can simplify technology management in your business in a number of ways.  Not only do you get the benefit of using a service rather than buying a software package that will be outdated in 12-18 months, on average, needing an upgrade or to be replaced, but you save a lot of time on complex software roll-outs and in dealing with problems. Cloud-based software services host your data for you and this saves you headaches and costs in a variety of ways, including:

  • Less need for dedicated IT resources to manage the software
  • Cloud-based services eliminate the need for massive amounts of storage
  • From a disaster recover perspective, you know your data is protected and safe
  • You can access your data anytime and from anywhere, securely.

A variety of cloud-based software solutions are increasing in popularity, such as:

  • Cloud Based Email
  • Cloud Based Phone Systems
  • Cloud IT Security Solutions
  • And more…

Email in the Cloud

In addition to having your email data accessible via a cloud, many cloud email solutions have additional productivity tools, enabling encrypting, archiving, file sharing, instant messaging, and more. Cloud based email could boost productivity while lowering costs.

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems make it easy to maintain large and small phone systems, including complex call routing rules, customizable reporting that can be extracted from anywhere, and more. You’ll get all the features you want and need, you’ll present your company as professional to callers and industry partners, and you’ll save a boatload of money with the right solution.

Cloud-Based IT Security

Having your security needs managed via a SAAS (software as a service) provider can mean less down time, fewer problems to deal with on weekends in the middle of the night, and an increased level of peace of mind about things like intrusion detection, spam, malware, adware, content filtering, and so forth.

Some business owners worry about giving up control of their data and systems but the benefits of dealing with reliable cloud-based business tools can boost productivity, mitigate risk, and save in a big way on costs.

Cloud-based offerings from GetSync’d include:

Kerio Connect – A business class alternative to Outlook and Gmail that’s in the cloud.

Kerio Operator – A fully-managed cloud-based VoIP solution.

Kerio Control – Your all-in-one cloud based security and threat control solution.


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