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Free Spam filtering and Anti-Virus at GetSync’d

April 9, 2014 – 10:31 pm

In order to serve you better, is proud to announce the improved GetSecure Spam and Anti-Virus filtering upgradesecurity-header. This improved filtering is now included with every GetSync’d account at no charge. This new spam filtering system will be able to track conversations both inbound and outbound, this will allow the system to keep from identifying some as a spammer that you are having an ongoing email exchange with.

From now until July 1, 2014, anyone the currently is using the external spam filtering service that provides quarantine digests will need to submit a ticket at and let us know they are ready to switch over. We’ll then setup the necessary items on the new filtering system and then reply with the MX records for their domain(s), only with changes to your SPF record is you are using one.

Please note that on July 1, 2014 we will be fully switching all Kerio Connect servers over to using these new spam and antivirus filtering system to handle the outbound mail as well. This will allow the system to follow the conversations and not mark messages as spam that are recipients that you email with. You will want to make sure you have moved your MX records to the new service before July 1, 2014 in order to avoid any possible delay of your email.

With this new spam and antivirus filtering system, you will not need to have separate logins to the filtering system, it will use the same email address and password that you have for your GetSync’d Hosted Kerio Connect email account. The system will deliver Quarantine reports once a day, and you’ll have the ability to send yourself a new report if you suspect that a message has been trapped in the filter that you need.

Once again, when you are ready to switch your MX records to the new filtering system, please send an email to and we’ll get everything setup for your account. Remember, we are here to help if you need any assistance.

The GetSecure service is free with your GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect account. If you are not currently using the GetSecure filtering services, or unsure, you can also submit a ticket to and we’ll set you up so that your emails are filtered also.

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