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GetSecure Email Security May be the Ideal Solution for Your Business

July 16, 2015 – 11:59 am

GetSecure Email Security May be the Ideal Solution for Your Business

As worldwide industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology for all facets of business, digital security has never been a more vital concern. From firewalls to access management to anti-virus software, businesses must invest in strong network security if they wish to comply with federal law and defend their assets. Protecting email accounts is a vitally important component of digital security, yet one that receives a minimal amount of attention relative to its importance.

Indeed, an enormous amount of highly sensitive information passes through a business’s email servers on a daily basis. To address the security needs of modern email, GetSync’d has designed GetSecure. A hosted email platform offering powerful security and functionality to businesses, GetSecure presents a uniquely advantageous email security solution: complete with spam, malware, virus filtering, secure archiving and encryption features, this service was made with businesses in mind. Available exclusively through GetSync’d.


GetSecure provides subscribers with hosted spam and virus protection. Rather than including it as an additional option or an afterthought, GetSecure was developed with spam and virus detection, removal and quarantine as a top priority. GetSecure spam and virus protection is free of charge for you, provided that you have a Kerio Connect hosted email account with GetSync’d.

Secure Archiving

Hosted email archiving allows for secure data storage, offering powerful protection for vital and sensitive information. GetSecure gives you the assurance that your email data is safe, secure and accessible. Even if something happens to your network or your servers, your data is protected. GetSecure ensures the safe and reliable storage of your messages, and ten-year email archiving with unlimited storage capacity is available for $3 per month per mailbox.


GetSecure provides hosted Zix Gateway encryption as a powerful line of defense against network breaches and thefts, effectively preventing unauthorized parties from accessing, viewing or obtaining your data. Encryption is available as an add-on for $80 per mailbox per year. With hosted Zix Gateway email encryption, businesses can obtain the most powerful encryption security available – ensuring protection, integrity, and safety of data.

GetSecure is a powerful and secure hosted email solution that is a viable alternative to other email security platforms. With the best available virus protection, spam filtering, encryption and storage security solutions, GetSecure offers clients excellent protection at competitive prices.

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