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GetSync’d Kerio Connect and Kerio Operator Cloud

July 22, 2014 – 7:37 pm

We are always being asked what comprises the foundation of the GetSync’d Kerio Cloud Solutions. From Kerio Connect email and groupware to Kerio Operator VOIP solutions, we have the power and the expertise to keep your data and your business running 24/7/365

Take a peek inside with these images from our Midtown Atlanta facility. The GetSync’d enterprise level hardware and a fully managed network that is monitored 24/7 meets the strictest compliancy.

DataCenter Facility & Security

  • 15,000 Square Feet Standalone Facility in Midtown Atlanta
  • Constructed on Solid Granite
  • On-site personnel 24x7x365
  • Private, Owned Data Center (not a sublet)
  • Entry points with badge-only access and Biometric Readers
  • IP Camera Video surveillance throughout the Datacenter
  • Redundant Fire Detection and Control Systems

Power & Cooling Infrastructure

  • 2 X 500KW Caterpillar Diesel Generator
  • 2 X 500KVA MGE UPS on Static Switch
  • 2 X 48VDC 5000A PLANT (A/B) – Inverted AC Power Available
  • 3,000 Gallons of fuel capacity for generators
  • 210 Tons Liebert Air Conditioning
  • A+B Coolant Loop – Hot and Cold Isles
  • Routine systems testing and maintenance

Connectivity and Bandwidth

  • DWDM to Telx 56 Marietta St.
  • 2x OC192 to Telx 56 Marietta St.
  • 2x OC48 to Atlanta ATT CO Facilities
  • Private Network Availability
  • ATT Dark Fiber
  • Zayo / AGL Dark Fiber
  • ATT Metro E Hubs
  • ATT DS1, DS3 Hub Facilities
  • Comcast Metro E Hub

Internet Connectivity

  • BGP Optimized with Dual InterNap FCP’s
  • 1GE – Savvis
  • 1GE – XO
  • 1GE – Level3
  • 1GE – Cogent
  • 10G –
  • OC12 – Level3
  • OC12 – XO
  • 1GE – Atlanta IX

Core IP Network

  • Juniper & Cisco Core
  • Netscreen & Cisco Firewall Services


  • HP BL460c G6 Xeon X5570 Hexacore Blades
  •  HP c7000 blade server environment


  • A+B NetApp (Multipath Fiber Channel)


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