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Important Email Security Issues Small Businesses Should Consider

August 7, 2014 – 10:25 am



More businesses than ever are aware that they need to be extremely careful about their email. There are a number of things to consider in terms of business email security, such as protection from viruses and other problems, content monitoring, encryption, archiving, privacy, and other issues. Not only might some of these areas be best practices to consider, in some cases there may be legal requirements, depending on what sort of industry you are in.

In addition to worrying about these things you’ll also need to consider storage and technical issues like support and maintenance. Because email can be complicated to manage and because it’s so mission critical for businesses for dealing with team members, customers, vendors, and so forth, more companies than ever now opt for a cloud-based hosted email solution that encompasses security features, archiving, and other elements and in a way that doesn’t require a lot of technical involvement. This type of solution, provided you choose the right one, offers maximum features and benefits with minimal administration and no extensive hardware or IT management details to worry about.

Things to Consider When Investigating Hosted Email Solutions

When searching for a good hosted email solution, consider areas like:

  1. email protection (viruses, malware, spam, quarantine abilities),
  2. email encryption (so that you can be compliant and /or so that you know every email is sent securely),
  3. email privacy (does the email provider serve advertisements to you based on content and /or do they collect any of your data?),
  4. email archiving (archiving may be required for good business practice reasons and could be required legally),
  5. reporting on email activities (so you know what’s happening on a regular basis with emails entering and exiting your organization,
  6. and other issues are important, too, such as ease of management and the associated email subscription costs.

The right email solution will make your business communication flow much more smoothly!

GetSecure from GetSync’d ticks all of the above boxes. If you sign up for Kerio Connect a great hosted email solution, GetSecure could be free with your subscription. Get more info such as pricing, product specs, and information about a free trial here.

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