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Important Things to Look for in a Secure Dropbox Alternative

October 19, 2015 – 10:07 am

HIPAA File Sharing

There are times when file sharing is a necessity in business. But Dropbox-like tools aren’t necessarily right for everyone. Most people think of this as a consumer tool, more than a business tool and there are several reasons for that. Security is the primary reason you should consider standardizing on file sharing tools for your business. Be sure you’ve chosen the right business-class file sync’ing and sharing solution. Below are some things to keep in mind as you review your options for a secure Dropbox alternative.


How secure is your file sharing solution? Will your employees accessing information from a variety of devices put your information and the data integrity of it at risk? A business class solution offering encryption and rules-based options has measures that ensure that documents are accessed, saved, and shared only among those authorized.  Security also ensures that the right things happen when someone leaves an organization as well as when their permission / access levels change.


When a business doesn’t carefully vet the tools their employee uses they put their compliance at risk. If you are in an industry where there are compliance issues with respect to customer or patient data, etc., you must be vigilant with how your remote and mobile employees manage data. The wrong file sharing tool could put your compliance and your livelihood in jeopardy.

Business Class Features and Accessibility

Business class features plus good accessibility are a must for your secure file sharing tool. Consider reviewing a few options for secure file sync’ing and sharing tools so you can see what options are available and then determine which ones are “must-have” features as well as to examine how useable those features are. When business-class file sharing tools are compare to consumer options you can truly see the many benefits of opting for something designed for companies.


You need business tools that help you and your team members be productive while at the office or on the go. Examine options that make mobile productivity easy. You want security but you don’t want file sync’ing and sharing to feel like an uphill battle. Free Trial from GetSync’d ticks all the boxes in terms of

  • Security
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Productivity

Learn more about this business class secure file sharing solution: from GetSync’d.  Check out the free trial.

Should Your Small Business Move to Cloud-Based VoIP?

October 12, 2015 – 11:02 am

GetSync'd Kerio Operator Hosted VoIP Service

There are a lot of reasons larger businesses choose to move to hosted VoIP.  Lower costs, collaboration opportunities, and analytics are all selling points of good hosted VOIP systems.  Kerio Operator is a fully managed cloud-based VOIP system that’s enterprise-class.  More small businesses than ever are opting to go from traditional office phone systems to a cloud-based PBX. Here are some of the ways it could positively impact your business:


A good VOIP system makes the size of your company a non-issue to callers because your calls are handled professionally. Whether you have a large or small staff or you’re just a team of one, your calls will be handled in a professional way and this shows a level of professionalism to your customers, vendors, and prospective customers.

Mobility / Productivity

Businesses are always looking for ways to optimize mobile computing. Being productive while on the go is important. A good VOIP system will make it simple to stay productive while away from your desk because your calls come to you, because you can send and receive faxes from any location, because you can be as productive away from your office phone as you can when you’re using your office phone (and because your phone system is robust with a variety of features that help your small business).


Could you benefit from data about incoming and outgoing phone calls? Could you benefit from importing / integrating call data into a CRM tool? A good phone system will make that easy for you.

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based VoIP System for Your Small Business

A good VoIP system will save money and help your business grow. Here are some tips for choosing the right one:

  • Read reviews. Reviews and testimonials will help you narrow down a list of options to look more closely at.
  • Check out the features of several tools to build a wish list.
  • Compare more than costs. Costs are important to a small business but you want the right tool as much as you want an affordable tool.
  • Consider security, too. Security features are important and sometimes overlooked. Check out security features of possible office VoIP tools before you buy.

GetSync’d highly recommends cloud based Kerio Operator as an affordable and robust cloud-based VoIP solution. We are a preferred Kerio partner selling and supporting a variety of Kerio products that help small and medium-sized businesses succeed with mobile productivity. Hosted email with Kerio Connect, Kerio Control to protect from threats as well as filter content incoming and outgoing, and Kerio Operator to seamlessly manage incoming and outgoing calls could all help your business be productive and successful. Learn more: Kerio Products from GetSync’d.

Intrusion Detection Software: Be Proactive; Protect Your Business

October 5, 2015 – 11:07 am

GetSync'd Kerio Cloud Distributor

There are some optional tools for small to medium businesses and then there are some tools that are absolute musts. Intrusion detection software (IDS) is important, probably more important than ever. Nowadays more people than ever rely on cloud-based tools and storage for their important documents and data and while it’s easy and convenient to make data accessible the right safeguards being put in place is how you’ll make sure it’s only being accessed by the people you want to have access.  There are a lot of things going on within your network and if you’re not being proactive about security and intrusion prevention, it could be very costly.

Putting in Smart Safeguards to Protect Data and Productivity

Do your employees have the right safeguards in place when they access information? Think about the fact that data is accessed via a variety of mobile tools (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) and from a variety of mobile places, like hot spots, home Wi-fi networks, and other unsecure networks and consider how vulnerable that can make your network. We’re continually bombarded with messages and spam in our inboxes and on websites we visit and some of it has hidden programs trying to harvest information about you. Secure passwords, solid tools, smart IT policies (that you actually enforce) and helpful reporting can all help you combat intruders who could access your business data as well as use it against you.

What IDS Software Can Do

Intrusion detection software can monitor activities on your network / in your cloud and information gathered can help prevent attacks and security breaches as well as company policy violations. Furthermore, a good tool can also provide you with detailed reporting that can help you with a variety of things above and beyond intrusion prevention. Productivity, content filtering, and other features and associated data can also be helpful in keeping things running smoothly for your business. Whether you want to set policies and forget them or want to be able to, with a few mouse clicks or screen taps, check on things in your network, the right intrusion detection and threat management tool can help immensely.

Kerio Control: Intrusion Detection and More

Kerio Control offers safety and productivity with control of a variety of areas, including intrusion detection, content filtering, reporting, load balancing, bandwidth management, user authentication, and more. This is an all-in-one security solution that offers remote management capabilities, too. It won’t hamper your mobile productivity, either.

If you aren’t using the right tools to protect your business and your data you run the risk of lost productivity, security issues (that could even get you in trouble, depending on your niche) with customer data, and down time.

Talk to us at GetSync’d (a premier Kerio distributer with an excellent reputation for product knowledge and stellar support) about your questions regarding Kerio Control. We sell Kerio Control licenses, control boxes and software maintenance renewals, too. Kerio Control is easy to deploy, is highly accurate, and easy to use. It’s also an excellent investment in security and productivity for your company that you can feel good about.