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Should Your Small Business Move to Cloud-Based VoIP?

October 12, 2015 – 11:02 am

GetSync'd Kerio Operator Hosted VoIP Service

There are a lot of reasons larger businesses choose to move to hosted VoIP.  Lower costs, collaboration opportunities, and analytics are all selling points of good hosted VOIP systems.  Kerio Operator is a fully managed cloud-based VOIP system that’s enterprise-class.  More small businesses than ever are opting to go from traditional office phone systems to a cloud-based PBX. Here are some of the ways it could positively impact your business:


A good VOIP system makes the size of your company a non-issue to callers because your calls are handled professionally. Whether you have a large or small staff or you’re just a team of one, your calls will be handled in a professional way and this shows a level of professionalism to your customers, vendors, and prospective customers.

Mobility / Productivity

Businesses are always looking for ways to optimize mobile computing. Being productive while on the go is important. A good VOIP system will make it simple to stay productive while away from your desk because your calls come to you, because you can send and receive faxes from any location, because you can be as productive away from your office phone as you can when you’re using your office phone (and because your phone system is robust with a variety of features that help your small business).


Could you benefit from data about incoming and outgoing phone calls? Could you benefit from importing / integrating call data into a CRM tool? A good phone system will make that easy for you.

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based VoIP System for Your Small Business

A good VoIP system will save money and help your business grow. Here are some tips for choosing the right one:

  • Read reviews. Reviews and testimonials will help you narrow down a list of options to look more closely at.
  • Check out the features of several tools to build a wish list.
  • Compare more than costs. Costs are important to a small business but you want the right tool as much as you want an affordable tool.
  • Consider security, too. Security features are important and sometimes overlooked. Check out security features of possible office VoIP tools before you buy.

GetSync’d highly recommends cloud based Kerio Operator as an affordable and robust cloud-based VoIP solution. We are a preferred Kerio partner selling and supporting a variety of Kerio products that help small and medium-sized businesses succeed with mobile productivity. Hosted email with Kerio Connect, Kerio Control to protect from threats as well as filter content incoming and outgoing, and Kerio Operator to seamlessly manage incoming and outgoing calls could all help your business be productive and successful. Learn more: Kerio Products from GetSync’d.

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