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The GetSync’d ZixGateway Cloud Encryption Solution: Get your Email Compliant without Complications

May 30, 2014 – 11:07 am

Do you need to think about a better way to manage email encryption and archiving? Are you concerned about costs, deployment schedules, required IT resources, employee hosted zixgatewaytraining, and down time? Whether your line of business requires a specific level of privacy for compliance or you simply want the comfort of knowing you have certain user-based policies in place, email encryption services are available and they’re less expensive and less complicated than you might think.

GetSync’d hosted ZixGateway service

The Getsync’d ZixGateway service is a subscription based service that’s HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and PCI compliant. It works with the reliability and efficiency of the GetSync’d redundant hosted email solution with the added benefit of scanning emails in order to determine the right action to take, including: blocking, encrypting, branding, and / or archiving.

Users don’t have to receive special training and companies don’t have to worry about human error putting information and compliance in jeopardy. For $80/year per mailbox, you can rest assured that privacy and compliance as well as other policies you want adhered to are never compromised. Regardless of how many emails you need to send, where they need to be sent to, and regardless of how many employees you have, this solution is seamless, offers reporting, and it requires zero maintenance. And best of all, you get this service from GetSync’d, a company with a great reputation for excellence in customer service.  (Read GetSync’d Kerio Connect reviews to learn why we’re a great company to work with).

Learn more: GetSync’d Encryption with ZixGateway.



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