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Why Cloud Email is Best for your Business

August 15, 2014 – 7:56 pm

If you are wondering about the pros and cons of cloud-based email vs in-house email, it’s advantageous to research your options. You don’t want to pay more money than you have to, you don’t want to have to employ more IT people than necessary, and you don’t want to continually invest in technology that’s expensive and a hassle if there’s a better solution out there. Many companies believe that opting with hosted email makes more sense. You want a solution for your company that will provide yourself and your team with email that does what you need it to, you want a solution that won’t be labor-intense to manage, and you want something that’s affordable, too.

Cloud-based email could be an ideal option for your business for a number of reasons:

  • Cloud-based email doesn’t require that you house your data. The data lives in the cloud and you can easily and securely access it without having to house servers to hold it and without having to manage those servers, either.
  • Cloud-based email comes with a 24/7/365 support team that can manage things when things go wrong. This means you won’t need to employ an email administrator.
  • There are a variety of cloud-based email options out there. You can evaluate some of those options and choose the one that best suits the needs of your organization.
  • You can sign up for a subscription-based service that works on a pay as you go model. This can mean that if your needs change and you want a new option for email, you can easily switch without massive deployment planning in advance.
  • GetSync’d Kerio Connect Hosted Email

Some of the big benefits of choosing cloud based Kerio Connect from GetSync’d include:

  • Try it for free for 30 days to see if it’s right for you.
  • GetSync’d is platform independent and works well in heterogeneous environments.
  • Get access to awesome support that can help you deploy and manage it.
  • Get access to GetSecure to keep your email secure, to help you with email archiving, to set up encrypting, and ensure everything gets and stays secure.
  • Get sync’d and stay sync’d with email and calendars as well as contacts.
  • Leverage Kerio Connect’s many features, like instant messaging, file sharing, and more.


Are you not sure if you want to give up control with hosted email? Some companies do choose to retain control. For those that want the bells & whistles of Kerio Connect without putting their email in the cloud, we offer Kerio licensing. For those who aren’t sure whether or not they’re ready for hosted email and / or for those who want to try before making a decision, feel free to sign up to try a free Kerio Connect subscription.

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