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Thinking it might be time to migrate to a hosted email solution?
There’s Never Been a Better time!

Email is mission critical for doing business.

If email doesn’t work seamlessly 100% of the time it could cost you - dearly!

Hosted email can provide a plethora of benefits. But you need to work with the right company before you can feel confident enough to put your email in the cloud. You might have a preference (or legal requirement) regarding where the server sits. You might have specific needs that you want to be sure the company can meet. And you probably want something that’s affordable as well as effective, right?

That’s why you should try before you buy.

No matter what pre-conceived notions you’ve got about free email tools like Gmail and Hotmail and no matter what experience you’ve had in the past with MS Exchange or Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise (Ouch! Now we’re dating ourselves, aren’t we?) and etcetera… there’s never been a better time to

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Evaluate GetSync’d Hosted Kerio Connect

Software Demos are ESSENTIAL!!

Before you migrate to a new email tool, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why you need to evaluate your options. And there’s never been an easier way to migrate to something better, something easier, something that will make you and your team more › Read more› Close Panel

Does this sound like you?
  • You need it to work seamlessly from your tablet to your desktop to your laptop to your cell phone.
  • You want your email to be reliable, the data to be safe, and if some sort of glitch happens in The Matrix, you want to be able to get a human on the phone that you can clearly communicate with and that can help you fix it. NOW!
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Benefits of Hosted Kerio Connect:
  • Best in class email, calendar and contact server
  • It offers over the air mobile sync in real time (who has time to wait or manually sync, right?)
  • It has flexible, cross-platform support
  • It’s going to give you private, secure & protected email
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First Month FREE!

Sign up now. The first month of our basic plans are free and…if you don’t like it… if it doesn’t knock your socks off… no problemo!

We won’t try to trap you into any long contract or pretend we can’t hear you or that we don’t understand when you tell us you want to cancel.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love it. We’re proud to say that more than 75% of those who sign up for a free month to try us out become long term Hosted Kerio Connect customers.

Don’t wait!

We’re not offering free 30 day subscriptions to our Basic Kerio Connect forever! Okay, yes we are!

We wholeheartedly believe in someone being able to try before they buy! But we think that once you try it you will wish you had migrated to Hosted Kerio Connect months ago.

Why work with us?

Learn more about us at our site, check out some of our Kerio Connect reviews, or see what Kerio recently said about us on the Kerio Blog.

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